Can't find that reborn that you always dreamed of, maybe you saw one but it was missing something, loved the face but you did'nt buy it beacuse you really would like your baby with more hair, or the skin tone was'nt exactly what you wanted?

Well you have come to the right place,

You can expect to receive a high quality reborn baby when you order your baby doll. only the finest materials are used to create my reborn dolls. Time and detail is the most important part in creating a realistic reborn .This is a evolving art with techniques and new ways to capture the true to life look of a real baby, I strive to meet the expectations of the adopting mom.

I am always learning something new to bring you something you can be proud to show off.

I will help you find a kit that's to your liking, or if you already have a kit you can send it to me. You can choose all the details that you would like your baby to have and see pictures of the transformation that your baby will make. A list of doll sizes will help you determind what's right for your buget, and all the extras is strictly up to you.

You have the option to make layaway payments, pay in full, or pay the balance once doll is completed. all deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are non transferable on sculpts once you place order, if you change your mind on the sculpt you are responsible for the cost of a new kit.
1~ A discount is offered multiple orders.
2~Your baby is shipped out as soon as complete payment is made and cleared.
3~Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable.

Cost of Reborn Doll Explained

Many people have trouble understanding why reborn dolls are so expensive. Well, if they never made one, thats understandable, because they don't know what the process is and what all is put into each baby.
I am very choosy about my materials and take great care with that each baby look as realistic as possible and be as high of quality as possible. At the same time as keeping my quality as high as possible, I try to keep the cost down for my customers.
So this is an example breakdown of the cost of one of my reborn dolls. For this example, I will use my current work in progress.

$112~ Michelle by real effects- sculpt and shipping

$20 ~ body (if ordered with sculpt, no shipping)

$30-$50~ glass eyes and shipping

$17~ paints

$10~ in mediums

$6-$12~ brushes. They get worn out and need replaced fairly often to get the realistic effects. Most brushes are $5-$17 each and I use 12 main brushes on each baby, so these get worn out more quickly. Also, one brush each baby (a cheap one) gets thrown away after using it to spread glue for eyes/nose/mouth glue

$9~ sponges. My main sponges for applying tones and shading are cosmetic wedges, but I use sea sponges for mottling effects and other sponges for special effects. These other sponges can be reused and last for several babies, but it takes 1-2 packs of cosmetic wedges for each baby

$8~ glues and lacquers for gluing hair and glossing eyes, lips, nose, spit bubbles and/or tears

$40-$60~ quality kid mohair or human hair and shipping

$13~ needles and shipping

$12~ tiny glass beads for weighing the head, body, and limbs

$4~C hose/fabric bags for holding the glass beads in the body and head and I also use a hose bag filled with poly pellets around the glass bead bag in the body

$5~ poly pellets for making the baby feel cuddly

$4~ stuffing to stuff the limbs, head, and around the poly pellet bag in the body

So as you can see this is just the cost to make the reborn, not any cost added for electricity for the stove (each of the paint washes have to be baked) or for my time. It takes about 15 minutes to put on a wash, 8 to bake it, 15 to cool while mixing up the next. Since I do 12-26 washes for each baby, it does take a bit of time for the painting (plus the research time, looking for reference pictures of real babies). Rooting take even more time (30-80 hours). Then there is the cost of what comes with the baby. Most babies come with the following.

$4~ onesie

$10-$35~ outfit

$3~ diapers

$5-$12~ blanket

$5-$15~ some sort of toy or cuddly

So that's the minimum for what comes with them (not counting birth certificates or other paperwork) and not to mention the many many hours I put into it.



Turn Around Time

Depending on how many orders I have ahead of you, It will take me around 12-14 weeks to process your order. My busiest time is October- December. 

I will contact you by email or text to show you pics of your baby once a biweekly, when your baby is finished, I will send final pics and final payment is due, no baby will be shipped until I recieve clear payment.

You can make payments via Paypal ONLY!!

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