Hello my name is Cynthia Dehnert, The owner of Dolls So Beautiful ALSO KNOW AS Cindy's Reborn Baby Nursery
Located in Sunny Southern California, offering some reborning supplies, PDF tutorial for beginners and seasoned doll artist, reborn & custom made life-like baby dolls. 
Dolls So Beautiful was established in 2009, online 24hours/7days a week/365 days a year!
A Little About Me!!
I came across this art in 2003, on a search to add a few more dolls to my daughters doll collection. As I was looking on ebay, I saw some amazing looking dollsthat I couldn't take my eyes off. They looked so amazing I thought they were real babies! I had to have one, never before had I seen such an art as amazing as this.

I had been collecting dolls for over 18 years for my daughter, only to find out she really didn't care for them at all. It was my passion, not hers.(lol) On my quest to buy one of these reborn dolls, I couldn't find an African American/ or any Ethnic doll as life~like as some of the other beautiful dolls I was seeing. I had to learn this art to capture the beauty of an AA baby. I wanted the illusion and realism that only this art could bring. My passion and love of dolls has brought me to where I am now.

My babies are in collection around the world, as far aways as Australia, England, Africa, and Scotland. I also have many repeat customers wanting additional special babies! There are so many new techniques to this ever changing art,I am always learning something new. Each of my distinguished babies have varied results. Creating an incredibly life~like realistic (OOAK) one of a kind baby. My art is inspired by the beauty of all walks of life. Now years later, I am a distributor for Secrist Doll Company, I also teach reborning classes online,and via workshops. Made with love, from my hands to your heart.
My 2 most exciting moments in reborning was when my very first Estelle baby sold for $1580 on ebay auction with 37 bids, had me on the edge of my seat watching the bids jump so high. And shortly after I had a small article done on me by Doll Reader Magazine on the sell!  GOOD TIMES!! LOL
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