What Ia A Reborn And Care Instructions

A reborn doll is a sculpted clay doll that has been manufactured into vinyl doll kit that has been transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners . Reborn dolls are also known as living dolls or fake babies.

The hobby of creating reborn baby dolls began around 1990 when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls.Since then, an industry surrounding reborn dolls has emerged. Reborn dolls are primarily purchased on the internet but are available at fairs. Depending on craftmanship, they range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The International Reborn Doll Artists (IRDA) group was created to educate artists in the art form of reborn doll making. Any artist can join the association, however certain ethical guidelines must be upheld by members.

Reborning involves numerous time consuming steps. The most basic form of the process involves taking a vinyl doll, adding multiple layers of paint, and adding other physical features to the doll. Artists can pick different brands to best suit what doll they wish to create. Many supplies are needed for both external and internal modifications of reborns to make the doll seem more realistic.
 Each baby is painted with non-toxic Genesis heat set paints, which claim to never fade or rub off, so you can cuddle as much as you like. Some babies have noses have been opened and backed with felt. Some noses are not opened but instead have been painted for a realistic look of depth.

Very small fine glass beads, hypoallergenic flame retardant polyester fluff, and poly pellets give the body weight and feel of a real baby. The head is also weighted and needs support, just like any baby.

Because of the cost of materials and the many hours put into each baby, reborn dolls are heirloom collector items. They are not factory play dolls or real babies, they are collector dolls, please treat them accordingly. Each reborn at Dolls So Beautiful/Cindys Baby Nursery is a One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) baby to be loved and cherished for generations.

Do not force head to turn, do not hold by the limbs, do not let the head dangle. Hold just like a real baby. Remember kids a naturally ruff so keep away from, or watch them while holding the doll, small parts can be a choking hazard.

Keep away from pens, paints, solvents and anything else that could stain, or damage the paint. Do not get moisture near the body or it could get inside and cause mold or other problems.

Do not display in the sun or anywhere it could get too hot or too cold. The sun will bleach out the hair and extreme temperatures could damage or crack the vinyl limbs and head.

Keep dust from accumulating on your baby, as it will be easier to gently wipe off a little than it will be to get off a thick layer.

Remember that the body is only cloth with plastic joints and is likely to fade, stretch, get wet, or tear if exposed to certain conditions.

Increased security at airports are putting your reborn doll at risk of being cut, taken apart, or otherwise damaged during searches. This is happening more and more frequently.

Hair care and styling

 I use angora mohair or human hair.The hair is sealed inside the head, so you can gently wash it with a clean damp cloth and tenderly style it with a baby brush or comb. Use a leave-in conditioner if the hair is matted, it will help you to work any tangles or fly-aways out.

ITEMS NEEDED: Spray bottle, Comb-Brush or Pick

Tooth Brush, Shampoo,Conditioner,Eco Gel, Oil Drops

Paper Towels or Blanket

Wrap your baby up with a blanket from the shoulders down if shampooing. 

Using your comb or pick, gently comb out existing style, shampoo the hair, if not shampooing use a spray bottle with water, saturate the hair well.

Comb or brush the hair out again very gently.

Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to hair.

Apply a small amount of gel the size of a nickel (optional) apply to just edges


Apply oil in your hand, rub together,apply to hair(optional)

Comb or brush hair in your desired style.

If the hair is straight use your brush to lay it down.

For curly hair, use a pick, gently lift the hair up in a circular motion around the entire head, until you have your curly look.

Use your toothbrush to lay down the edges, or create sweeping baby hair.

Use a wet paper towel or soft cloth and gently remove any product from baby’s hairline or neck

Your style should last 2-3 week, styling daily will cause the hair to become brittle or loss of hair.

If you have other questions or concerns, about what you can and can not do with your reborn, that are not addressed anywhere on my website, Please contact me.

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